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October 2, 2015




Hi everyone! My name is Anna Osgoodby and I’m a New York City lifestyle blogger and designer for Anna Osgoodby Life + Design. I moved to the city from the Pacific Northwest 5 years ago and started my blog, NYC Living to stay connected with friends and family and found I loved sharing my city experiences. Over the years I’ve made it my goal to create a platform to not only share my adventures with those close to me, but also inspire others who are dreaming of living or visiting NYC!

Along with sugar baby dating sites my enthusiasm for city living, I also have a serious passion for all things home décor, entertaining, and DIY projects! Psst, I have a seriously awesome DIY project coming your way for the Fall Lovely Happenings event — you are going to LOVE it! To get you excited for our upcoming awesome girls day I’m mixing in some girl time, entertaining and a little DIY for today’s post. That’s right, I’m going to share some of my tips on throwing a fun wine night for your girlfriends. Sip, sip, hooray!






The Décor

A little décor goes a long way in setting the mood for a girls’ night! Here’s a look at some of my favorite ideas to add a little pizazz to the night!

  • Printables: I LOVE printables! They’re such a fun way to bring a little character to the night and play off of your theme (if you have one). I like to design my own (look out for my print shop launching this fall!) but you can also find lots of free ones through Pinterest and inexpensive instant options on Etsy. Pop them in a frame and wa-lah, you’ve already glammed up the evening a little!
  • Banners: Adding a banner to your party instantly makes the event more festive! There are lots of awesome options out there or you can make your own like I did! All I did was print out letters to spell out “Sip, sip, hooray” and then I cut them out and attached them to twine with clothespins. Super easy and you could reuse the letters or play up the idea with whatever you’d like in the future.
  • Glitter Wine Bottle: I definitely don’t believe you can overuse glitter, which is why I added a little sparkle to my evening with a glittered wine bottle. You can make this by cleaning off the label of an old wine bottle and then painting some Mod Podge on the top and sprinkling it with glitter. Once it dries I recommend spraying it with a little setting spray so that the glitter stays put. Finish off the project by putting a candle in the top of the bottle and you have a nice little decoration or even a centerpiece option! An easy and fun way to play off of your wine night theme.




The Wine

You can’t have a wine party without some wine! I’ll let you decide on your favorite bottles, but I like to mix it up and pick up a couple of different kinds so that there’s something for everyone. Once you have your wine picked out, try out some of my tips to make your night even more fun.

  • Cute Glasses: I’m such a sucker for cute glasses. I will whole-heartedly admit I mostly wanted a bar cart so that I could display some of my cute glasses… yes, it’s true. My favorite places to find cute glasses are T.J. Maxx and Home Goods. They always have such great finds on a budget! Plus the thought that they won’t be there the next time I come has definitely resulted in many purchases. Anyways, I love bringing out my special glasses for girls night. Mixing and matching can be fun too so everyone has something different. If the thought of having real glass out terrifies you, you can also find some cute plastic options! No matter what your choice, Bringing out fun glasses classes up the night a little.
  • Stirrers: Even if they aren’t totally necessary for wine, stirrers make everything a little bit more fun and cute! You can find some fun options at your local party store or Michaels.
  • Frozen Grapes: Another one of my favorite tricks is freezing grapes for wine nights (especially in the summer). Throw a couple in your glass and they’ll keep your wine cold all evening and won’t affect the taste!






The Snacks

Snacks are always a necessity when it comes to girls’ nights! I like to keep it classic with a few pairings for the wine. Cheese, fresh fruit, and almonds are always a great choice! Enough to have something to munch on throughout the night while still keeping it light!

Well there you have it. Some tips on making your next girls’ night fun, easy, and definitely girly. Now who is ready to start planning a girls’ night?! I know I am! I hope you enjoyed some of my tips and I can’t wait to see you all in about a week!



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