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March 25, 2015

Kayla Keinman

Hi guys! My name is Kayla, I blog over at Kayla in the City about all things fitness, wellness, healthy living and NYC.

Since graduating college Iíve worked in the fitness industry in every imaginable way– as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, front desk and behind the scenes at a fitness start-up. Suffice to say, I seriously love fitness and can talk about it all day to anyone that will listen. Hence starting Kayla in the City since my friends were getting pretty sick of hearing about my gym escapades.

Kayla in the City is all about making a healthy lifestyle accessible. Iím honestly a terrible cook and FAR from athletic, but learned that nourishing and taking care of my body is well worth it. I love inspiring others to make tiny tweaks to lead a healthier life.

Iím so so excited to be a part of the first ever Lovely Happenings event! I donít want to spoil any of the deets about whatís going to go down in May, so in the meantime Iím here to chat about making morning workouts happen!

Iím a hardcore supporter of pre-work workouts and rarely workout at night these days. I never ever ever thought in a million years Iíd become a morning personÖ but somehow I did. Once I started working out in the morning, there was no turning back!

Proís to working out early in the morning:

  • Nothing can get in the way of your workout! Who schedules a meeting at 6:30AM? No one, thatís who.

  • You donít have to sacrifice post-work social outings for the sake of working out.

  • If you go home and crash on your couch immediately after work, no hard feelings.

  • It feels really really really awesome to be done with your workout before most people wake up. Trust me on this one.

So how do I make it happen?

– Pack what you need the night before. Thereís nothing worse than trying to find a matching pair of socks at 5:30AM when youíre still half asleep and getting ready. Pack what you can the night before including what youíre going to wear the next morning, and whatever you need post workout (i.e. make up, brush, work appropriate clothes). Also double check that you have everything– you donít want to realize in the locker room that the only bra you have for the work day is a sweaty sports bra.

– Hold yourself accountable. Invite a friend to join you, sign up for a class, book a personal training session, tweet about it, whatever it is that holds you accountable, do it for an early morning workout (at least when youíre first getting started).

– Donít forget to eat breakfast! You donít have to have an elaborate meal, but you definitely want a little something something in your belly to give you some energy during the workout!

– Plan your workout accordingly. I truthfully wonít go to just any class in the morning unless I know I A.) Wonít sweat buckets or B.) Will have enough time to take a shower. Donít have time for a shower afterwards? Stick to low intensity classes with minimal cardio like barre, pilates, yoga and low-key strength training.

Favorite Early Morning Workouts:


(Photo from Peloton)


-6AM Class at Peloton Cycle- Thereís something really satisfying about a full out sweaty workout first thing in the morning, plus the locker room here is downright beautiful and the perfect place to get ready in the morning.


(Photo from Flybarre)


-6AM Power 45 Flybarre class- This class is quick and dirty and thatís why I love it! More fast paced than the traditional Flybarre class, the 45 minute version is a truncated version of this popular workout and skips a few sections to save time. Itís great because you wonít leave class drenched in sweat and in desperate need of a shower which makes getting ready for work afterwards much easier.

Yoga Vida

(Photo from Yoga Vida)

Yoga Vida

-7AM Vinyasa at Yoga Vida- Early morning yoga is arguably the best kind of yoga. This vinyasa class is the perfect blend of challenging but not too sweaty to get your day started on an energized note. Just be careful not to fall asleep during shivasana. Itís also located super close to Union Square making it easy to commute anywhere after class.



Screen shot 2015-03-24 at 10.45.44 PM


Canít wait to meet you all on May 2nd! Be sure to stop by for a quick workout with me and say hi : )

xoxo Kayla

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