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April 1, 2016



Hi lovelies! I’m Melanie, the fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Lace and Combat Boots. I believe whole-heartedly in dressing like you mean it, eating dessert first and making the most of what you have every day.

At the next Lovely Happenings event, I’ll be hosting a DIY beauty demonstration and will be on the fashion blogger panel with several amazing women. There are no words to describe how excited I am!

With Lovely Happenings just a few weeks away (have you picked up your ticket yet?), I’m bringing you a post about one of the big tasks that I look forward to every April – giving our closets a much-needed spring makeover!

Here are my favorite tips for cleaning your closet this spring:

1. Make a big pile. 
Put everything in your closet and all the pieces that are stuffed in your drawers on the floor. This is a tried and true way to really see how much stuff you’ve collected and take inventory.

2. Prep your boxes. 
You should have separate bags or boxes for the pieces that you’ll be selling, donating, and tossing.

3. Divide and conquer.
Now it’s time to go through that epic pile sitting on your floor. Look at each piece individually and ask yourself which ones you love the most, which ones you never wear and that should be donated, and which ones are worth tossing completely.

4. Put everything back into the closet and organize it. 
Organize by season or style and then color. This will ensure that it’s easier to find your favorite pieces moving forward.

5. Style up your closet. 

This is where it gets fun! Order gorgeous satin or felt hangers in your favorite colors. Display your prettiest pieces front and center on your shelves. Go ahead and drape your favorite strand of pearls on your closet handle. Play around with your favorite pieces and find ways to really showcase them in a way that makes you happy every time you open up the closet.

What are your favorite tips for spring cleaning your closet? Let me know in the comments or by giving me a shout at @melaniesutra on social media!

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