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we organize lifestyle workshop events in nyc

guests at lovely happenings events will walk away with countless new ideas and activities to use in bettering their everyday life.

our story

Rachael Grayson and Jaclyn Fisher are the sisters and creative minds behind Lovely Happenings. Both originally from the Philadelphia area, they moved up to NYC after college to fulfill their ambitions in the fashion industry.

You can usually spot Rachael by her blonde hair wearing florals and a statement necklace, walking through the park with her hubby, adorable baby girl, and her puppy. Currently she is counting down the days until her baby girl is born this August! She spends her days building the creative brand of Lovely Happenings while freelance designing handbags and accessories for reputable brands. These include Steve Madden, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, J.Crew, and Kate Spade, just to name a few.

While Rachael’s focus has always been in design, Jaclyn has remained on the business and operational end of fashion.

She is the brunette, who after completing her MBA post fashion school jumped into the world of men’s bespoke suiting. These days you can find her supporting corporate wholesale and operations teams like Giorgio Armani and Shopbop while also building the business end of Lovely Happenings. You will usually spot her dressed in all black with her boyfriend and Celine bag by her side.

With years of experience on opposite ends of the fashion industry, and a vision to turn their dreams into a reality, they set out to start their own company.

what is lovely happenings?

Lovely Happenings events consist of lifestyle workshops where guests can come to enjoy, learn, and be inspired by the aspects of life that they love. These one-of-a-kind events feature everything from fashion, to food, to beauty, to DIY crafting, inspirational speakers, shopping, and so much more!

Think of that simple tasty recipe to bake that you learned from your favorite blogger, or the eye-shadow technique that you picked up from your most trusted YouTuber. Now imagine a place where you can actually get the chance to learn these skills face to face, in person.

We’ve all spent that lazy Sunday on the couch reading into a healthy recipe on Pinterest with a bag of potato chips in hand. So instead of just dreaming about doing, making, being, or performing the ideas you are collecting on your boards, you can now spend your day actually bringing them to life.

Each event has countless interactive workshops presented by designers, bloggers, beauticians, and other professionals in the industry where event goers can actually participate and get involved in learning these demonstrations. This is all while they sip on cocktails, enjoy refreshments, take memorable pictures in the photobooth, and walk away with a gift bag and other giveaways!

Whether it’s an exciting day out with your girlfriends just for fun, or you come ready with your notebook to observe, a Lovely Happenings Event will leave you feeling motivated, happy and rewarded. Even some of the most loyal Instagram husbands out there have taken part in an event or two!

we took our years of inspiration for lifestyle and beauty, and created a platform for imaginative people to inspire others in a one on one setting. " jaclyn & rachael
sisters & founders of lovely happenings

Don’t worry darling, the day, time, location, and details of our next Lovely Happenings event is coming soon!

Be our guest

Attend a Lovely Happenings event and join the party! Allow this to be the first step you take in designing a life that you love. At the end of your time with us you will walk away with new ideas, projects, and a positive attitude to take home with you.

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Participate in a Lovely Happenings event and interact with our guests. We know that the potential for lifestyle teachings is never-ending, so we are always on the lookout for new lifestyle connoisseurs. Teach our guests your skill while promoting your blog, your business, or just you.

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